About Micmar

Welcome to Micmar, your family's trusted hardware haven since 1991!

Discover a legacy built on family, expertise, and unwavering commitment to quality. The story of Micmar is deeply rooted in the Kroupniks, a family with a hardware heritage dating back to the 1950s in Iran. Founded in 1991, Micmar responded to the community's need for superior hardware and building materials, growing into a symbol of excellence with seven branches strategically located for your convenience.

Our Values, Your TrustAs a family-owned business, Micmar values integrity, expertise, and a personal touch. Every customer is a cherished member of our extended family.

Our Vision for the FutureAt Micmar, our vision extends beyond the present. We aspire to redefine the African skyline, contributing to the growth and development of communities across the continent.


An Expansive Product Universe Across Zambia

Explore Micmar at our seven vibrant locations, bringing quality hardware closer to you. Dive into a world of possibilities with our extensive range of 15,000 products. From essential tools to cutting-edge innovations, Micmar is your one-stop destination for all your hardware needs. Whether you're in the Copperbelt (Ndola, Kitwe, Kasumbalesa) or Lusaka (Town, Industrial Area, Woodlands, Eastpark Mall), we're here to serve you!


Committed to Your Satisfaction

Beyond products, Micmar is dedicated to your satisfaction. Benefit from our services, including:

  • Expert Repair: Trust us to breathe new life into your tools and equipment
  • Gas Refill: Keep your home running smoothly with our hassle-free gas refill services.




    Wholesale Supply and Infrastructure Projects

    Micmar has evolved beyond retail, now venturing into wholesale and infrastructure supply. Micmar Commercial has left its mark on various landmark projects, including Agora Village, Maina Soko Hospital, Society Business Park, Radisson Blu in Livingstone, and numerous others. Our commercial division is dedicated to wholesale supply, supporting trade partners in their endeavours. If you're a small business in the hardware sector, connect with us to explore how a partnership with Micmar can elevate and grow your business.

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    Meet our awesome leadership team behind the Micmar family!

    • Roman Kroupnik

      Executive Director

    • Michael Kroupnik

      Managing Director

    • Sugath Asanka

      General Manager

    • Equal Opportunity

    • Vikash Topiwala

      Country Sales Manager

    • Prabhat K. Verma

      Purchasing Manager

    • Channa Senanayake

      Finance Manager

    • 300+ Employees

    • Martin Maiseke

      Commercial Manager

    • John Mumba

      Human Resource Manager

    • Mufuka Samukonga

      Marketing Manager

    • 7 Locations

    • Vimesh Patel

      Lumumba Store Manager

    • Kiran V. Topiwala

      EastPark Store Manager

    • Thilini Ranasingha

      Woodlands Store Manager

    • 15 Thousand Products

    • Asif Patel

      Chachacha Store Manager

    • Jonathan Ghadami

      Kitwe Store Manager

    • Vivek Jetha

      Ndola Store Manager

    • Petra Sande

      Kasumbalesa Store Manager

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